Investing in a professional to capture you're wedding memories is truly that, an investment. Just because you see someone offering a special for $500 and say "sweet, thats a great steal," or you have a friend that takes nice pictures, be wary. Always ask for samples and see previous work before saying "I do." In the digital age anyone can become "a photographer," but not a professional.

Lets talk about your great-grandkids for a minute. I know that you may not be expecting a baby, but humor me for a moment. What will you leave them? You probably won’t ever have a chance to meet them. Sure, you can leave them money, or jewelry, but why not also leave them something a little more meaningful?

I want to help create heirlooms for your family. My job as a full service professional photographer is to create beautiful, timeless images that can be passed down for generations, for you, your children, their children, and their children’s children to enjoy.

I’m not that “friend with a camera” or your “cousin who takes photos” or the “neighbor who also does photography,” but maybe we can become friends later on. Our process will start with a consult where we go over your session ideas and talk about the specific artwork that you have in mind. I can help you plan your wardrobe and props. At your ordering session I guide you in the design process as we curate your wall art and albums. The products that you order are exceptional quality, and something that you’ll be proud to pass on for generations.

I take the time and effort to produce the best images for you. I want to be proud of the work I do and give you an exceptional image and experience. Each of your images are hand processed and edited, where I strive to produce the best possible product for you. 

Wedding packages begin at $1,100. Our average client spends about $2,500 on their wedding photography services.

Want to know more in-depth details? Use the Contact Us tab and lets get together, have a coffee or tea, chat and get to know each other.

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